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Sunday, July 7, 2013

the web is generating new business models, employment and new profiles

Professionals Network asks
- Programmer. Computer software engineer or able to program and develop applications tailored to the needs of the company. Much better if you know open source systems and cloud computing.

- Web Designer 2.0. Is responsible for the look and possibilities of the website, to make it intuitive, attractive and pleasant, to optimize the user experience and interaction.

- 'Community Manager'. It acts as a link between the company and its online environment, encouraging conversations, collecting user reviews and providing solutions. Its scope is social networking.

- Head of SEO and SEM. Its mission is that a product or a company appears well positioned in the search engines, using digital marketing techniques.

- Developer of mobile technologies. With the recent advent of smart phones have gained particular relevance. Create and continually develop new applications for mobile Internet.

- Director 'marketing' digital. Design all digital communication strategy of the company, using all its variants.

- Developer of 3D animation. Produce all types of 3D content, such as video games, movies or simulators.

- 'Product manager'. He leads a group of programmers in achieving objectives related to application development.
Internet is revolutionizing business models plethora of industries and companies. New working practices, which require new professional profiles. The digital universe is based on two pillars:

- The architecture of the content (everything related to programming) and
- The transmission of the same (all about communication).

Both need to grow and strengthening and much more, and that translates into job opportunities and even the emergence of profiles where demand far exceeds supply.

Yes, the first step is the formation: jobs that did not exist require new studies. The computer needs to incorporate new programming languages, the marketing has to abide by the rules dictated by the network and use the tools that this provides.

The last job profile star, one of the most popular, is the open source programmer or open source (allowing use program structures thereon prior to develop new computer applications). Tuenti, the social network where users spend more time in Spain, is one of the companies that urgently needs such professionals, among others. Its workforce has doubled in the last year (now is around 230 employees) and by the end of 2011 or early 2012 wants to hire 50 more skilled workers. The problem for them is that it is not easy to find good specialists. "Universities tend to teach traditional programming languages ​​very positive and would incorporate subjects on major open source architectures, which have taken a huge leap in the last five years," says human resources director of Tuenti, Daniel McCord. "In Spain there are very good programmers, but often have acquired extra knowledge is self-taught," he adds, noting that large companies like Google or Facebook is the raffle. Tuenti also looking for product managers and web designers (one of the profiles in which it is more difficult to find the top, says McCord).

Popular search now by companies is all about cloud computing (stored in the Network services) and open source: "Many companies are now creating that system and seeking highly skilled people. But few, are people self or has formed outside Spain. Formation lags behind demand, the university introduced these concepts three years after you begin to talk about them, when they have established. "

The problem is that the travel speed at which new technology is increasing. Proof of this is the revolution that has occurred in the other great pillar of the digital world: communication. "Five years ago there were no social networks, Google was not as important, YouTube was starting, no tablets or smartphones." The center offers a Master is intended to treat digital management companies transversely, encompassing content, technology and marketing.

"Marketing has to reinvent, in the digital world practices develop very different than traditional marketing was used. Now the consumer has its own speaker and also, there are no boundaries.'s Very important for companies to define your digital strategy and bet on it, "says De Pinedo.

The management regrets that virtually no degrees on the subject and, on the other hand, proliferation of graduate programs, but many leave much to be desired. Ensures that the employment exchange your school accumulates more job offers to students, and that 22% of those who do set up their own company master within six months. One such case is that of Daniel Guzman, who wanted to "take advantage of the boom in mobile Internet" to mount a marketing via mobile and tablets. "There are opportunities here, there is much to do. But there is still great ignorance on the part of businesses about this type of marketing," he says. Another example is that of Cristina Chacon, owner of a butcher shop online: "My whole family has always been dedicated to meat, but I never liked it. Worked in a marketing consultancy, which was a debacle after the crisis. So I did the master and learned to open a new sales channel for a business lifetime. "

In this context, public universities have to adapt to a pace of change that was not used. The Complutense de Madrid taught this course for the first time, a specific course on digital media for public relations students, which will address the social networks, mobile communication, cloud computing, and so on. Professor Christopher Fernandez celebrated the activation of their subject, but is surprised that there has been so far: "The educational machine is a bit slow, but we must also praise their willingness to renew". And this justifies the necessary adaptation to the new model: "The web is no longer a mere accessory, but it is something that has revolutionized human behavior."

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