Payday Loan Advice service: Amazed ? ? Credit card placed Banco Santander Ferrari half a million customers

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Amazed ? ? Credit card placed Banco Santander Ferrari half a million customers

I can not help being astonished by the ability of financial institutions remain in place to mass banking products to its customers do not need. The last example is the credit card of Banco Santander Ferrari undoubtedly the product that currently meets the needs of customers of Santander and placed in time and about 500 thousand people.

Advantages of Credit Card Bank Ferrari Santander:

Card with the Ferrari logo , draw for tickets to Formula 1 racing and hotel stays with a Ferrari , Online store discounts Ferrari .

In exchange for this, you place a MasterCard credit card , maybe you will be the second or third credit card with the bank's customers and that they will not need for anything, but that obviously has costs and not just a card inexpensive credit :

Obviously the amount of the first year is free, but even assuming that after the leave saved in the portfolio and do not use it for anything, as they will in most cases , the card will cost you € 60.10 Ferrari annual maintenance fee , although you forgot you do.

If you decide to withdraw money from ATMs with the card will cost you 5% of the set with a minimum of 4 € , check the balance on another ATM network will cost € 0.75 , the commission for buying the card abroad will of 2.5 % with a minimum of 2.50 € , and the Commission for exceeding the card limit will be 2% .

Anyway, you do not lose the hope that one of these days a bank appears to start thinking first what products your customers need and not what products you are interested in the Bank placed according to their statements of income . Meanwhile, you can enter a Banco Santander office and ask for your credit card brand new Ferrari . We will glad to exchange the 60 euros a year.

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