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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ready to pay for the banks to keep you your money? Thanks Mario

With the announcement of interest rate cut by the ECB at 0.50 % , lower interest rates will only serve to better banking intermediation margins and in the best states to be financed temporarily cheaper, but that obviously does not serve for flow of credit to the economy and for citizens to have access to cheaper credit , we have had a disturbing statement of Mario Draghi


Frankly that each one interprets it as I can, but my interpretation is very clear . We will do everything possible to end up paying depositors to leave their money in banks. This means the interest you pay the banking oligopoly beware your money and invest in subprime mortgages , bonds or any other junk that is not lending to SMEs and citizens who do not fall into the category of credit solvent, ie almost anyone, be less than inflation. That is, a negative real interest rate .

In short , retirees , and sparing conservative profile , you are screwed, not only will creak to tax, but the bank will not give you anything for your money . The only option left to you to try to get some performance and saving for the future is to hurl you into buying government bonds , they also pay a pittance on indebted states or hurl you into the arms of casino equities.

That is, the house always wins and you are going to lose. This will not save or god and you can go and ready to work until you have 80 years , that if you are lucky to have a job . Who said the word seize , when the central banks , the banking oligopoly and governments can steal quietly and slowly ?

First effect Draghi 's talk today :

The German bond yields at rock bottom lows and the German 10-year bond with a yield of 1.17% . ( They give you a 1.17 % annual inflation will not beat a 10-year bond ) or negative returns in the two-year German bond .

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