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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tax havens for the rich

When you look at the financial picture and profile Spanish means our savers have , you realize that the laws and regulations governing the financial system are not made to the poor.

Needless to say, the average profile of our savers amount (not amounts ) are fixed term goers and savings account and occasionally perform some dabbling in the world of investment funds or public debt but not too often.

Now if we go to that type of saver where what prevails is the amount of money instead of the product, is when we realize that not all Spanish are equal, nor to the law or to the rules , nor so even before the savings products.

We start from the SICAV 's famous financial institutions that market for certain customer profiles which typically requires a minimum of 300,000 euros to create them ( at least almost nobody meets as they go well above that figure ) .

Phenomenal products for all he is worth half that , the holders end up paying the IRS less than 5 % of their profits . As much as I wanted to hire have not found any entity that has been allowed me .

Seeing this , I preferred to try opening an account in foreign countries . It is difficult, indeed , I would say it is easy, from my house and over the internet , anyone can open an account in Switzerland, Germany , Holland, etc. .

Now, talk about current accounts , not the encrypted possessing certain savers and banks often do not inform the originating country Haciendas holders . For that you can use the Internet and you can open an account with a couple of thousand.

Since it goes beyond whether what I intend to open an account in a country that is already clearly seen as a ' tax haven ' . In that case the amount I want to set aside at least it does not reach 99% of Spanish savers .

The strange part is that , these three examples above are clear ways to evade taxes in this case in Spain and , thus , it violates what we are all equal before the law and rules .

Pity the ordinary citizen who forgets to include in his tax returns interests shared with other account holders or verily to include returns in kind of a gift you have given your household payroll entity .

Now if you misplace 4 or 5 million in an account in Switzerland or in another tax haven , the thing has provided explanation and then pay tax an amount slightly higher than ' will ' , the thing is in watered .

Now is when you wonder if financial leaders themselves and / or politicians who have invented these tax havens for their own benefit while the rest of the citizens are at the mercy of the rules they impose more miserable without forgiveness if ' forget ' to include a profit in its income statement .

The thing becomes a little outrageous when you see 80-year old people who help the interest they charge every 3 months of their deadlines for completing your monthly pension and live , and for which the Bank of Spain has limited profitability to charge for deposits, which ultimately is a way of clearly worsen their living by having less interest to add to your pension.

Is not this a playpen small savers ? Why not leave them alone to small savers and are dedicated to pay over the SICAV'soa avoid opening Spanish accounts in tax havens ? There is only one explanation , and that is who dictates these rules are not interested in it , being able to understand that it is because they personally hurt .

Everyone consider what you want, but from my point of view , limit the interest to the small saver while allowing money to tax havens to evade people with power, not a democracy , it's just a way to pay " for the sins ' .

A financial dictatorship falls into the hands of people willing to serve only Mr. Don Money .

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