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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The best investment in recent years has been 37 years ...

Neither Warren Buffett, or gold, or oil, or the actions of Apple or another company. The best investment of the last 37 years would have been in view of the results obtained last November by the House Team Breker, could have been purchased at the time one of the 200 computer Apple I that were on sale for $ 666 in 1976, one of which was sold last November for $ 640,000 a return greater than 20% annually in 37 years.

The next May 25 will be auctioned six of the Apple I which have survived the passage of time.

Obviously, the sales price of the Apple I, can not be considered as an investment but as a curiosity. That said, I hope that no mother a cleaner throw it in the trash that your child pileup kept in the closet. By the way, say that antiques or collector's items begin to have real value when they are over 100 years old. So maybe there is someone who believes that bought an Apple I for $ 640.ooo can be a good investment within 63 years.

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